Winnipeg, Canada

winnipegWinnipeg offers tremendous opportunity for the church that is looking for an international missions trip without occurring significant expense.  Canada has the highest percentage of foreign born population in the G8 at 21%.

  • The Winnipeg metropolitan area has a population of 781,800 people and Manitoba has 1,278,500.
  • Evangelicals number about 7% of the population.
  • Ethnic groups are European background 67%, Aboriginal 11%, Filipino 9% & Indian 3.5%.

When coming to Canada you will need a passport (a post 911 reality), you will find measurement using the metric system (golfers it is still yards that matter), the currency is colourful (the US is starting to catch up) and the people are warm – although the weather isn’t always.

Adults who are not parents or guardians should have written permission from the parents or guardians to supervise children. When travelling with a group of vehicles, parents or guardians should be in the same vehicle as the children when arriving at the border.

How to get to Winnipeg?  There is an international airport or follow I29 until it ends in our city.

Everyone will speak English, although Canada has two official languages – English & French.

At this time we have congregations & church plants serving geographical areas, ethnic groups (Filipino, Korean, Punjabi) and common life experiences (University of Manitoba).

Southern Baptist leaders (CNBC) in the area provide significant logistical and relational support, housing for missions teams, peer networks, administrative support related to all aspects of a new church plant or missions team to name only a few.