Sioux City, Iowa

souix-cityThe Sioux City or Siouxland metropolitan statistical area (MSA) encompasses 2,073 square miles in five-counties in three-states. The MSA has a population of 168,921. Southern Baptists number 0.54% of the population, all evangelicals affiliated with local churches is 14.3% (although 38% of the population claim to be conservative evangelical Christian), and 39.3% of the population claims no religious affiliation.

A large percentage of people in the Siouxland area reflect an interesting mixture of a blue-collar work ethic, economic conservatism and mainline Christianity. The religious landscape is largely dominated by Catholics, mainline denominations and Evangelical Protestants. Of those, Catholic and Lutheran traditions are the most predominant. The region has a high rate of drug and alcohol addictions and abuse. Sporting activities are the dominate leisure activity. Sioux City is the home of the Bandits, an indoor football team and the city hosts the NAIA Division II Girls Basketball National Championship tournament every year.

The MSA is experiencing a growth in ethnic diversity. The major ethnic minority is Hispanic which makes up 15% of the population. The other most noticeable minority groups are American Indian, African American and Asian.

The challenges represented by this spiritual climate and cultural diversity create a number of church planting opportunities for Southern Baptists. These areas include…

  • Reaching the American Indian and Hispanic people.
  • Connecting with the growing people of diversity in the inner city.
  • Meeting the needs of the people living in poverty which is 13% of the population.
  • Assisting those suffering in addiction through a Christ-based restoration ministry.

Southern Hills Baptist and Heartland Community Baptist provide logistical and relational support: housing for mission teams and peer networks.

If you are looking for an opportunity to impact lostness for the glory of God, contact me. The church planting and church partnership opportunities are significant and varied. Call Gene Stockton at 712-255-5989 or e-mail at